Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Still having mild weather in Southern Europe.

It's more than two weeks since I last wrote anything in my blog, so it's time to catch up. Northern European countries are having freezing temperatures and lots of snow, but here in Greece it is still fairly mild for this time of the year, even though we now have more rain and cloud. It's so mild that we don't even need to put the central heating on, but I suppose that will soon change temperatures will drop here too. Up until the end of November, we were able to continue with our picnics on the beach with our friends. Here are a few photos taken during the last week of November.



  1. You are very lucky Judy. Here we have the heat on since september and now we are under the snow.This afternoon it's snowing.. You have taken beautiful photos

  2. Thank you,Annick. I'm sure we'll get lots of really cold weather soon. Stay warm!