Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sewing project finished.

I've finished the dress I've been making using Simplicity 3833 pattern - a 1960'a retro design. Even though I was very careful with the hem, I'm not sure if it's even. Anyway, here's a photo:


     This is the first project I've made with my new Brother Innov-Is 20 sewing machine, which I'm really enjoying sewing with.

My old Singer 288 machine.



  1. It's very nice, congratulations

  2. İ love the dress and the colors are just gorgeous. What colors will the shoes be? What about the purse???

  3. Thank you, Annick and Deniss!I think I'll wear a pair of copper coloured shoes with it or my black ones. Hadn't thought about the shoes and handbag!