Saturday, February 18, 2012

Is anybody making Simplicity 1914 Amazing Fit dress?

I've been working on Simplicity 1914 Amazing Fit dress for about 10 days and it's proving to be the most difficult sewing project I've tried so far. I managed to sew the pleats and shaped waistline but now I'm having difficulty with the sleeve facings in View A. So far nobody has written a review of the pattern on or elsewhere but as it's one of Simplicity's most recent patterns, there must be a lot of people sewing it at the moment. It would be so helpful if those who are sewing the same pattern could somehow get together in blogosphere and share their progress and problems. If there is anybody else who has sewn this pattern or who is working on it at the moment, I'd be really grateful for your advice and opinions.

Here's a link to the pattern. 


  1. Beautiful dress <3

    Love Meroda

  2. I have this pattern and plan on making it up ... soon! Can't wait to see your finished version ... J