Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rainy Sunday.

I thought summer had arrived but after a week of hot weather, this weekend turned out to be cool and rainy, so instead of splashing about in the sea, we went for lunch at a mountain taverna. I’d forgotten how beautiful it is in the mountains at this time of the year. Here are a few photos taken at the restaurant and then on our walk at nearby Stavroupolis.


                          DSC00453  DSC00455

This is the first time I’ve tried to use ‘Windows Live Writer’ and I’m having quite a few problems trying to insert pictures and to add captions and text. It looks as if I’ve got quite a bit of homework to do! At the moment I think I’d rather get on with my sewing.


  1. Πανέμορφες είναι οι φωτογραφίες σου!!! Κι εμάς εδω στην Κόρινθο έβρεξε για λίγο όμως, ο καιρός ωστόσο δρόσισε αρκετά!

  2. Very nice pictures even with the rain. Mountain is so beautiful...

  3. Hey! That place so beautiful! I I can smell the fresh air and wet from my computer! Love, love it and love those kittens!

  4. Thank you, Mary (Μαίρη), Annick and Rosy!