Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another dress using Simplicity 2174

The dress I finished a few weeks ago using Simplicity 2174 was so comfortable to wear on a hot summer’s day that I decided to make another one in a different cotton print. ( Please see previous post for a review of this pattern). I haven’t got a photo of me wearing my latest version of this dress yet, so here’s a photo of it on a hanger.
                            Simplicity 2174 -2nd dress


  1. Lucky you! You have such a beautiful climate to wear all your gorgeous summer dresses!
    This one is lovely too. Isn't it great to have a TNT pattern on hand ! :D

  2. Με 'γειά και καλοφόρετο! Έχει τα χρώματα που μου αρέσουν!!!

  3. Thank you, Jemajo and Μαίρη.Jemajo, it's been raining a lot for the past few days, but you're right, we do have a long summer with lots of opportunities to wear summer dresses.