Friday, October 22, 2010


Apart from sewing, I also enjoy knitting - both hand and machine knitting, although I can't say that I've mastered my knitting machine as much as I would like to, but now that I have more time on my hands, I hope to be learn new techniques and not restrict my machine knitting projects to drop-shoulder sweaters. My knitting machine is a Brother 930 with Ribber and here's a photo of it:

Most of my sweaters were made long before we bought a digital camera, so I don't have any photos of them when they were new apart from this one:

I have to admit that I'm still rather 'afraid' of my knitting machine so for relaxing when I'm watching TV or listening to music, I prefer hand knitting. Up to now  I've just been knitting in stocking stitch using multi-coloured or batik yarns just to relax.
This is a sweater I made two years ago.

At the moment I'm knitting a cardigan with a beautiful yarn called Alize Lanagold Batik Design which I bought at the yarn market Kurkcu Han in Istanbul. I'm following a pattern from The Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns' by Ann Budd.

Alize Lana Gold Batik.




  1. Hi,
    I'm wondering if you're finished the cardigan with Alize Lana Gold?What needles you use and can you send some photos :)
    I just bought the same yarn and I wanna make also cardigan,so I'm interesting of your work!
    Best wishes

  2. Hi Maria, I've almost finished it - just a few more rows to do. I've been busy with my sewing this year so I neglected my knitting. I used a Size 5 needle and I made the pattern from software on ( you can download a demo) I have a photo somewhere my knitting and will add one when it's ready. You can also find pictures of knitwear made with Lana Gold on Good Luck