Friday, January 6, 2012

Recent and planned sewing projects.

Another New Year's Resolution I've made is to get back to my sewing and make the various projects I've been planning over the last few months. 

In November I made a blouse using Simplicty's Amazing Fit 2151


The fabric I used had been in my stash for more than 20 years so it was definitely time to make something out of it. Anyway, here is the result:

 I'm sure it's a bit too bright and flowery for many people's tastes, but at least I used the fabric and it looks quite nice worn with black trousers. Anyway, I like bright, cheerful colours!

I also bought another Amazing Fit pattern - 2058 and hope to make a few skirts using it.

Two new Simplicity patterns also caught my eye. Well, to be honest, I like a lot more of them than that but can't afford more than two at the moment.  The two dress patterns I've ordered are



 I'm not sure which views yet but the fabrics I have in mind are two I bought about 10 days ago from a my favourite fabric shop in the Mahmutpasa area near the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul which is full of beautiful fabrics. 

Both fabrics are crepe but I don't know exactly what they are made of. Unfortunately the photos don't do them justice. I think I'll use the second fabric to make the Amazing Fit dress shown in the picture on the pattern envelope. Before I attempt the Runway 1913 dresses, I would prefer to read reviews of this pattern, but I'm more confident about the Amazing Fit dress. I know that most of my readers are more experienced dressmakers than I am so I would appreciate your advice and opinions.


  1. What lovely fabrics. I love colours and patterns - they make me happy. How exotic to live where you do so you can travel to Istanbul's Grand Bazaar. I have both the Amazing Fit Skirt and Dress Patterns above. Patterns can get very expensive can't they. Here in Australia they are around AUS$18 - $25 depending on the pattern so I tend to get mine shipped through the USA - a site called They take several weeks to get here but they are much cheaper - even including postage! I'm eager to see how your dress turns out. I am not very experienced but I think your fabric choice is excellent for that dress.

    1. Thank you very much for your kind comments. Here you can only get Burda and they have to be ordered from Athens so I also buy nearly all my patterns from when they have sales but just 2or 3 each time so that the postage is not too high. I'm waiting for the two dress patterns to arrive. I think I'll sew the Amazing Fit dress pattern first. Are you planning to make this one soon? I'll be interested in seeing your version.

  2. I will need to make some adjustments to the pattern. I need to lower the neckline as a high neckline doesn't suit me. So I will need to think about that. I will get to it soon but have others that I am going to do first.