Thursday, May 19, 2011

Our trip to Ayvalik(Αιβαλι) and Izmir(Σμυρνη) April 26-30.

Since I started writing this blog last November, I haven't been on an trips but 3 weeks ago we decided it was time to have a break and went on an organised bus trip down to Ayvalik and Izmir in Turkey. We've been twice before but our previous trips were in the middle of August so it was a chance to enjoy these places with much cooler temperatures. Of course, our trip also included visits to the Ephesus, Pergamos and Troy, but as we'd been before (apart from Troy) we didn't take any photos this time. Today I'll just post a few of my favourite photos of the trip.
View of other islands ( Moschonisia) .
The Greek Orthodox Cathedral of St. Taxiarchis - badly in need of renovation.
An old house near the Cathedral.

Izmir Clock Tower, Konak Square.
Kemeralti Bazaar, Izmir

One of the many shoe shops at the bazaar.

Lunch time and a delcious rice pudding.


  1. You have done a very nice trip

  2. Love the pictures...I'll take a vacation just looking at them!